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US Chapter of SBAOI

April 24, 2009

Subject: Minutes from the SBAOI-US chapter Annual Lunch & Meeting: San Antonio, Texas, USA

The Society of Biomaterials and Artificial Organs (India) US Chapter Annual Lunch & Meeting were scheduled and held at the Grant Hyatt Hotel during the Society for Biomaterials (US) Annual Meeting between 12.00 noon and 1.30 PM

Meeting Started at 12.15 pm

Meeting Attendees:

Dr. Surendra Batra         :    Collafirm LLC
Dr. Laxmi Nair                :    University of Connecticut
Dr. Sruthi Chennadi        :     Varian Semiconductors
Mrs. Saroj Batra            :     Collafirm LLC
Dr. Sanjib Bhattacharya  :     University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Syam Prasad            :     University of Connecticut
Dr. Kiran Kumar Reddy    :      Louisiana Tech University
Dr. Pravin Pattekari        :     Louisiana Tech University

Dr. Ajit Nair, President of the SBAOI US chapter delivered the welcome remarks followed by individual introduction by all the attendees.

The meeting decided to initiate activities for increased involvement of the current members and bring awareness about the society amongst the biomaterials professionals and students of Indian origin in the USA. Emphasis will be given to students and young Scientists & Engineers to carry the flag of the society to new heights and horizons. Dr. Batra and other participants pointed the need for interaction between academia and industry among the professionals of Indian Origin and promote active involvement in knowledge and technology sharing. As decided in the last meeting, the activities of felicitation of the person/ persons publishing a scientific paper in a high impact factor journal, scientific achievement award, award to recognize excellence in the area of biomaterials, annual lunch/dinner event at Society for Biomaterials conference, will be continued as appropriate. The meeting also decided that the present office bearers of the US Chapter to continue and to hold Annual Meeting of the SBAOI-US Chapter in conjunction with the Society for Biomaterials (USA) Annual meeting. 

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 pm.  Group photographs of the meeting attendees were taken and the minutes & the photos will be posted in SBAIO site: www.sbaoi.org

Ajit Nair
President, SBAOI- US Chapter

July 7, 2008

Subject: Minutes from the SBAOI US chapter meeting in Amsterdam

The Society of Biomaterials and Artificial Organs (India) US Chapter, General Body Meeting was scheduled at the RAI Center on May 29 at 2.45 pm during the World Biomaterials Congress 2008, Amsterdam.

Meeting Started at 3:05 pm

The meeting was attended by Dr. Ajit Nair, Dr. Alok Ray, Dr. Shrojal Desai, Dr. Jayabalan M. and Mr. Kruba Sivasubramanyam . A pre discussion meeting was held and attended by Dr. Chandra P Sharma, Dr. Ajay Kashi and Dr. Ajit Nair

Dr. Nair, Vice President of the SBAOI US chapter delivered the welcome remarks followed by individual introduction by all the attendees. Dr. Nair announced Dr. Gundu Rao’s (President of SBAOI US) plan to retire in the near future. In the wake of this new development the governing body decided to appoint a new committee for the year 2008-09. Dr. Chandra P. Sharma, founder President, Dr. Ajay Kashi and Dr. Ajit Nair had a meeting prior to the US chapter meeting and had an overview of the scenario and activities. Dr. Desai proposed Dr. Nair for the post of President, SBAOI US Chapter that was seconded by Dr. Ray and was acceptable to the rest of the attendees. Dr. Nair proposed Dr. Thomas Chandy’s name for the Vice President position which was seconded by Dr. Jayabalan M. Both Dr. Nair and Dr. Chandy have agreed to serve as President and Vice President of the society, respectively, for the year 2008 - 09. Dr. Shrojal Desai agreed to continue serving as the Secretary of the society for year 2008-09.

The governing body also decided to initiate activities for increased involvement of the current members and bring awareness about the society amongst the biomaterials professionals and students of Indian origin in the USA. Felicitation of the person/ persons publishing a scientific paper in a high impact factor journal, achiever of the year award, award to recognize excellence in the area of biomaterials, annual dinner event at Society for Biomaterials conference are amongst the several ideas that were brainstormed during this meeting. The governing body also decided to conduct at least one Annual Meeting of the SBAOI US during the Society for Biomaterials (USA) Annual meeting starting next year. A concrete plan of the society activities shall be mailed to all the current and prospective members in coming months. The society will also be seeking suggestions for increased awareness and member engagement.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:45 pm.


Shrojal Desai

Secretary, SBAOI (US Chapter)

Dear Friends:

         At the suggestion of Prof. Chandra P. Sharma, founder of Society of Biomaterials & Artificial Organs ( INDIA), Ajit Nair and I accepted the responsibility of starting a US chapter of this society to create a net work among the Biomedical Engineers of Indian Origin. I was nominated the first President and Ajit Nair the Vice President of the US Chapter at the SOB meetings at Memphis in 2005. This year we and some other members of SBAOI met at SOB meetings at Pittsburgh and decided to formalize this chapter. We have started collecting the names and addresses of individuals that are interested in joining our chapter.

         Following individuals met Friday the 28th of April  at the convention center, Pittsburgh, PA, to discuss business issues related to
the US chapter of the SBAOI.

Prof. Chandra Sharma
Prof. G.S.Bhuvaneshwar
Prof. Gundu H.R.Rao
Dr. Ajit Nair
Dr. Lakshmi Nair
Dr. Abiraman Srinivas

         Professor Gundu Rao suggested that Ajit Nair be requested to serve as the Vice President of the US Chapter of SBAOI . It was approved unanimously by the members.

         Professor Gundu Rao suggested that we recruit a young active individual, to serve as secretary of the US chapter. Dr. Shrojal Desai's
name was suggested for this position. He will be moving to Minneapolis soon to join Guidant corporation. Hence, it would facilitate the working of the secretariat. The suggestion was approved unanimously.

         After discussions about how to charge membership fees for the US chapter of SBAOI, Prof Gundu Rao suggested that we charge USD 50 for life membership to all the students, post docs, and NRIs of Indian origin and the collected funds be gifted to the parent society in India. Furthermore, it was suggested that for American Citizens of Indian origin the fee should be USD 50 per year and Life membership USD 500. Sum collected by US citizens be retained in be the US secretariat. These suggestions also were approved.

         Prof. Gundu Rao suggested the following names for the advisory Board of the US Chapter of SBAOI.

1. Gundu H.R. Rao
2. Ajit Nair
3. Fazal Mahmood
4. Krishnendu Roy
5. Lakshmi Nair
6. Gopal Rao
7. Bejwada Rao
8. Shrojal Desai
9. Narendar Vyavahare

         Please feel free to suggest other distinguished members for this Board. Prof. Gundu Rao will send invitations to these individuals.

         Prof. Gundu Rao suggested that we register the US chapter in Minnesota, so that we can open a Bank account and start the fund raising
and membership recruitment activities.

         Prof. Rao and Dr. Nair requested Prof. Sharma to keep the US Chapter informed about the development of relationships and collaborations with other international societies.

         We need to post on our web site an official notification from the international societies as well as SOB that the members of SBAOI of Indian origin, who are not US citizens are eligible for certain discounts in the membership fee. We should make it clear that the US citizens of Indian origin do not qualify for this discount.

         It was decided that voting rights be reserved for the active members of the society only.

         However, it was decided that individuals of all nationalities are welcome to join our society.

Suggestions were made to raise funds for honoring individuals who have won national awards. It was also felt desirable to have a dinner meeting of the society members during annual SOB meetings. May be we should start planning for a get together during Chicago meetings in 2007.

Prof. Sharma suggested that there should be an election of office bearers for the US chapter during the World Biomaterials meeting in 2008.

Meeting was adjourned.

         I appreciate very much if you people take active interest and spread the word about the formation of this chapter to your friends.

To get started please do the following:

         Please send your full name, designation, mailing address and preferred  e mail address to Dr. Shrojal Desai, Secretary at :
         smdesai@u.washington.edu  so that he could generate e group for us for effective communication.

         Recruit other engineers of Indian origin to join our group by sending the name and address to Dr. Desai. At this time there is no
need  t       to send any registration fee. Till we register the chapter in the USA, we are not in a position to open an account. But we can
definitely       go ahead and start an e group for the sake of keeping up with the communication.

         We will try our best to go ahead and register the US chapter soon after we draft the by laws and constitution.

         We will also plan and have a get together of our group in Chicago during the annual meetings of SOB.

         We will hold general elections and elect a permanent executive Board in 2008 at the World Biomaterials Meetings.

Looking forward to hearing from you all and your friends as well.

Gundu H.R. Rao
Lillehei Heart Institute
Biomedical Engineering Institute
U of M School of Medicine

Founder President, US Chapter of SBAOI.


Dr. Chandra P. Sharma had a meeting with Dr. Gundu Rao and Dr. Ajit Nair, in the Society for Biomaterials meeting (April 27-30, 2005) in Memphis, USA. On April 29, 2005 Dr. Sharma suggested the initiation of US Chapter of Society for Biomaterials and Artificial Organs India. It was agreed and the start is made. The letter of Dr. Gundu Rao indicative of this development is provided below for the information of all the members of the society.


July 13, 2005

Prof. Chandra P. Sharma
Founder, President
Society for Biomaterials &
Artificial Organs (India)
Thiruvananthapuram 695 012

Dear Prof. Sharma:

I am delighted to inform you that at your suggestion, Dr. Ajit Nair and I have initiated a move, to establish a US Chapter of Society of Biomaterials (SBAOI) in the USA. It will be headquartered in my office, till we conduct new elections and find a suitable home.

Till then, I will be glad to serve as the founding member and the President and Ajit has graciously accepted to serve as secretary. We will soon invite prominent members of SBAOI residing in the USA, to join us on the executive committee.

We will have the first official meeting of the newly organized chapter of US-SBAOI during the next annual conference of Society of Biomaterials USA, in 2006.

We appreciate very much your valuable guidance in the development of this chapter. Looking forward to working with you.

Sincerely yours


Gundu H. R. Rao PhD
Biomedical Engineering Institute
Academic Health Center
University of Minnesota


Society for Biomaterials & Artificial Organs, India (SBAOI)

US Chapter

Dear Member,                                                                                      25th July 2005

It is with great pleasure that we announce the formation of the US chapter for the Society for Biomaterials and Artificial Organs, India . During the 2005 Biomaterials meeting in Memphis , TN , Dr. Chandra P Sharma, founder President of the society and many of the honorable members met and discussed the need and decided to create the US chapter to enhance society’s activities to promote scientific knowledge and understanding.

Dr. Sharma and other members who met in Memphis nominated Dr. Gundu H. Rao of University of Minnesota as the President and Dr. Ajit Nair of Boston Scientific, San Francisco , CA as secretary for the US chapter of the society.

We are more than happy to invite you all to become associated with the US chapter. We are proceeding with the registration and other formalities and will keep you posted with the progress. Every member who is residing in US will automatically be a member of the US chapter and we will deeply appreciate your referrals on new membership as well. For the new membership criteria and application form please visit our web site www.sbaoi.org. Please forward the application to the President/Secretary in the address given below. At present office of Dr. Gundu H. Rao (Professor, Laboratory Medicine & Pathology, MMC 609, 420 Delaware Street SE, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55455), will be the temporary office for the US chapter.

We take this opportunity to thank you for your interest and co-operation, and we look forward to your active participation in the society’s future endeavors.

Thanking you with Regards

Gundu Rao Ph.D                                                                     Ajit Nair M.S., Ph.D
Président                                                                                Secretary

Phone 612 626 2717                                                                 Phone: 510-440-7862
Fax :     612 626 6946                                                              Fax :     408-946-4065


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