Minutes of the Excecutive Committee Meetings of SBAOI

Minutes of the Excecutive Committee Meeting held online on 11th June 2020

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Date and Time: June 11, 2020: 4:00 PM to 5:30PM

Venue: Online ZOOM Platform

The meeting was held on the online ZOOM platform on 11th June 2020 at 4 pm to discuss the following points.
1. WBC 2020
2. SBAOI - annual conference and GB for 20-21
3. Extension of the EC term by 3 months to March 2021
4. Any other point with the permission of the chair

The following members attended the meeting:
1. Dr. Chandra Prakash Sharma, Founder, SBAOI & STERMI
2. Prof. Veena Koul, President, SBAOI
3. Prof. Bikramjit Basu, Vice President, SBAOI
4. Prof. Bhuvanesh Gupta, President, STERMI
5. Dr. Balamurugan, Secretary, STERMI
6. Mr. Willi Paul, Jt. Sec, SBAOI
7. Prof. Vishwa P. Shrivastava, Nepal-invitee
8. Prof. Ashok Kumar, IIT Kanpur -invitee
9. Prof. S. Kanagaraj, IIT Guwahati-invitee
10. Dr. Neetu Singh, IIT Delhi - invitee
11. Dr. T.M. Sridhar, Secretary, SBAOI

Other members who were unable to attend
Dr. H.K. Varma, SCTIMST, Prof. R. Jayakumar, Amrita, Kochi
Prof. Dhirendra S. Katti, IIT Kanpur and Dr. Biman B Mandal, IIT Guwahati

1. The meeting started with Prof. Veena Koul welcoming the members to the meeting and briefed about the agenda and solicited the views of the members on holding our proposed Annual conference and GB meeting at Bharathiar University, Coimbatore in December 2020. All the members expressed their views which are summarized as follows,
I. Holding the conference and sessions online
II. Fear among the members to travel to the conference
III. The Host (Dr. Bala, Bharathiyar Univ) and their VC prefer to have a physical attendance
IV. Postponement of the conference to Feb-mar 2020 or clubbing it with the next year conference in case there is no improvement in the pandemic situation.
V. In case of online, how would students and young researchers interact -needs to be addressed.
Finally, it was decided to take a decision in August 2020 after reviewing the COVID pandemic situation at that time and this was accepted unanimously by the committee.

2. Prof. Basu briefed about the updates of the recent IUSBSE meeting on 04June 2020. It is going to be online conference with no physical attendance. Plenary talks would be online with the choice to interact with the speaker. Keynote would be recorded and telecast, where questions can be posted in the chat box. Reg. registration fee – for those who opt out, 75 % would be refunded and for others, it will be decided later. Prof. Basu has emphasized that the organizers should consider how the networking among young researchers can be facilitated in the virtual meeting format. We have supported the virtual meeting, which will be held in December only. China and Korea opposed the virtual meeting format. The fellowship and other awards would be presented online and sent to the awardees.

3. The bid for 2028 meeting will be discussed in a special meeting of the IUSBSE in September and virtual AGM will be held in June end. Dr. Sridhar will make preparations for the WBC 2028 presentation and take the inputs from all the members. USA is the other country that would be competing with us. It was suggested that Dr. Sridhar can share the slide presentations with senior members of SBAOI at least two weeks before the presentation before IUSBSE.

4. The members accepted the committee’s views to extend the term of the office bearers to March 2021 so that the financial year can come to an end. This decision would be approved by the GB.

5. The election of office bearers to the society to be taken up shortly by December 2020, which would be initiated by the President.

6. Dr. Ballamurugan, who has been appointed as Associate Editor, called for strengthening of the Journal and invited the participation by all the members. The delay in publishing the articles is due to the delay in receiving reviewer reports and that most authors submit the paper to the Journal only after it is rejected by international Journals. Prof. Ashok volunteered to be a reviewer and also contribute to the journal. The papers from 2019 conference can be published as a special issue. Reminders would be sent to the reviewers for getting the reports on time. Members discussed about the ways to make the Trends Journal more vibrant and have it indexed in Scopus and Medline. It was decided to select and award one best paper published each year.

7. Further, it was unanimously decided by the committee to adopt the following: For all nominations to the society, the contributions by the nominee to the society should be carefully considered, in terms of his/her service as a reviewer and publication of manuscripts for the Trends Journal. This is a common practice in most of the International societies.

8. It was also suggested that three awards to the first or lead author of the best papers published in the SBAOI journal, Trends will be discussed and approved in GB.

9. All the members, and the fellows in particular, will be requested to popularize the Journal and contribute to review articles along with their research profiles, as well as for regular reviewing process.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by the Dr. Sridhar.

Minutes Prepared by Dr. T.M. Sridhar
Approved by Prof. Veena Kaul

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